Customized LED Matrix Pixel Display Panel For Car (12x20 CM)

Rs.14,450 Rs.24,999
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Turn Heads Everywhere: Your Car, the Ultimate Spotlight Magnet!

Turn heads with the LED Display Panel For Car, a cutting-edge lighting accessory that will transform your vehicle into a rolling light show. 

Using a high-end flexible LED Array coupled with programmable circuitry encased in a flexible IP65 waterproof sticky polymer which allows you to slap it anywhere and peel it off easily any time without any mess. Simply plug in the supplied USB cord and enjoy!

Unlimited Modes

Simply plug the USB into a power source, use the app on your Apple or Android device, connect via Bluetooth, and unlock a world of features. Free-draw, free-text, upload your own images or GIFs, but here's the kicker: Our App got an online library packed with 300+ GIFs! Imagine cruising down the street with the coolest GIFs in the universe – your car's gonna steal the spotlight like never before!

Easy Installation!

Our LED Display is made with a water-resistant IP65 sticky polymer - material that sticks WITHOUT glues.

And the best part?

You can easily slap it on any window and peel it off whenever you want – no mess, no stress.

Plus, we even provided additional double-sided adhesive pieces for permanent applications. Inside the box, you'll also find a 4M+ USB cable, giving you the freedom to place this LED Panel wherever you like.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
App functionality is Kamal brother

Bahut aala product thanks. What I really liked about it that it comes with mobile app and a remote control. Which makes it very easy during driving.

Thankyou. I am satisfied. JazakALLAH.

Thora expensive hai but bahut hi kamal cheeze hai. Baqi bahi bhi mutmain ho kar lien. achi packging main pauncha hai.

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